Do you know when to upgrade your web image? Learn the signs below.

We’ve all seen businesses in buildings that look as though they are allergic to fresh paint or landscape maintenance. You usually notice these dilapidated dwellings as you drive past them looking for a different establishment. 

In the same way, your website is your digital storefront. A good website will build your credibility and help establish your presence in the marketplace while an outdated website will cause customers to go elsewhere. Customers equate an outdated website with outdated products and services. 

At CANVUS, we want your web image to be attractive to customers. Our expert designers have compiled list of the top 10 signs your website is out of date and in need of a redesign or refresh.


10. The copyright in your footer is not current.

While this can be easily remedied by changing the text, it is a sure sign your site has been neglected for far too long. Visitors will see the copyright date and assume your website (and, by extension, your business!) has been neglected.

9. Your website has an animated intro page.

In the past, many sites opted for a unique welcome page that took precious minutes to load. The problem is, the intro caused online visitors to leave and also proved to be a nuisance for returning visitors.

8. You have more than three font styles and colors.

One of the most important things on a website is consistency. You are building your company’s brand. You don’t want to confuse your consumers with inconsistent font styles and colors. 

Note: If any of the fonts are Comic Sans or Papyrus, seek help immediately!

7. Your site’s content is contained within images.

Text located within images is unreadable by both search engines and visitors with images disabled. Make sure all your important content is displayed as text on a page, not contained within an image.

6. All the content on your site is static.

Can you easily update your website with current product/service information, company news or press releases? The best websites thrive by providing current, timely information to their consumers via a content management system (CMS)  and a company blog. A CMS allows your business to quickly and easily add and update content on the fly, ensuring your content is always fresh.

Studies have shown that websites with a blog attract 55% more visitors!

5. You haven’t integrated your social sites into your website.

Facebook launched in 2006 and has grown to over 800 million active users. YouTube boasts the 2nd most popular search engine and 3rd most-visited site in the world. You really have no excuse to not be actively engaged in these huge markets.

4. Your website is small on a computer but too big for mobile. 

Does your site look puny on your monitor? Just a few years ago sites were built for much smaller screen resolutions. Today’s wide-screen, high-resolution monitors make old websites feel tiny.

On the other hand, your site has to also be optimized for smartphones and mobile devices.  Many sources estimate that more people will access the web on a mobile device than laptop or PC by 2015.

3. Your visitors don’t know what to do – you have no calls to action.

Websites are more than informational. Each site should have clear goals, whether it is creating leads or selling products. Those goals should be obvious with calls to action scattered throughout the site.

2. You have a visible hit counter.

I don’t even want to believe this still exists. Please oh please, if you have a counter on your site that shows the number of visits to your site, remove it immediately. Just like you long ago retired your fanny pack and parachute pants, eliminate your hit counter. 

1. Your website is made entirely from flash.

Flash sites are dying quickly.  Flash is detrimental to your sites rankings and doesn’t work on most mobile devices, including Apple’s popular iPhone and iPad. 

A website’s lifespan is typically 3-5 years. If you go over that time without regular updates, technology is likely to have passed you by and you risk losing valuable cons



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