The “GROWING” agency that will soon take over!

 – Welcome to branding and Marketing at its finest –

What is CANVUS Design Studio?

We are CANVUS Design Studio!  We want to be heard, and you need our publicity. Why?  Because at CANVUS Design Studio, our talented teams of designers deliver productive and result driven work every time.  We create professional and creative Marketing Campaigns that allow our clients businesses to grow and become recognized. Simply put:  Branding is what we do best! 

 Currently, our agency is working with small businesses, corporate clients, and political clients of all kinds with a goal of growing their business. Our wish is to branch out and be a connoisseur toward the design and business communities.

Our agency is growing rather quickly, and we need to get the word out even more. Our market is very competitive, but it’s the knowledge of our CEO and his background of sales and marketing that really sets us apart from every other company.   

Who is the face behind CANVUS Design Studio?

Nicholas Bennett: “As a CEO, his position is to oversee the creative process and visionary from all aspects, ranging from design, to marketing, to overseeing marketing affairs. Nick would like to title himself as the creative business developer behind this growing company. Taking on all of these roles at a very early start can be difficult at times, but his team keeps him grounded. Nick states, “I love working with everyone on our team because they have my back”. Jokingly, we asked Nick, “How old are you?” Nick replies by saying, “I’m old enough to use my creative abilities to help businesses profit”. Then I replied by saying, “Good answer”. Nick states that currently they are focusing on the Corporation business model because there is so much room for creativity. CANVUS knows where many business models are hurting, and they know how to make them stand out in today’s competitive market. Nick just doesn’t sit behind a desk all day….his routine consists of hiring new designers, helping out with creative aspects, and meting new business owners. The joy is endless!!” states Nick.

We would really like to have our company featured in your news source. Our story would serve as a means of aberration, encouragement, and a buzzing story your readers would love to read. Very kindly email us at for all of media interview request. Thank you for your time and consideration!



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