Design plays a hugh role in a Marketing Campaign


Campaigns are all about Identity! Identity is very important for a brand, probably the most important. Branding and Identity should go hand in hand. It should deliver to your customer exactly who you are, what you are about and that you can be trusted right away. People will do business with brands they feel comfortable or familiar with. Sometimes you only have one chance to make an impression.

Communicate Brand

Campaigns are about raising the profile of brands or moving customers in a specific direction to buy a company’s products or services. One of the critical elements of getting people to buy is trust. Brands are essentially the way that customers code a specific offering in their minds: this brand represents quality and luxury, or this brand represents comfort and value.

Raise Visibility

Even the best campaign only gets traction if it stands out. It has to rise above the noise of all the other competing signals from advertisers and content producers. It then has to catch the attention of the right prospect and hold it.

Drive Conversions

If your clients have thought at all about conversions, it’s likely that they’ve thought in terms of sales numbers or copywriting with a call to action. Many people fail to appreciate how psychologically compelling design is. Where does a viewer’s eye fall on a page? What emotions do the photographs, colors and layouts that you chose evoke? Does one area — the most important takeaway — stand out above everything else? Good design can take a masterfully crafted pitch or concept and add gasoline to its ability to drive conversions.


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